the kin • song

image by Alexis Riley, text by the ensemble

To remember: 

Place right hand on left shoulder, wrap right arm around head before placing right hand on right shoulder. Head is facing forward and eyes are looking ahead. Extend left arm across chest with left hand going towards right and turn head to face right side of body, chin over shoulder and eyes looking out right. Right hand is slanted upward, forming a diagonal line. Pull left arm back towards chest, then extend left arm out to the left side of body, with left hand slanted upward forming a diagonal line. Head and eyes slightly shift to downward right. Pull left arm toward chest, bending at the elbow, then extend left arm across chest toward the right side of body, with left arm slanting toward the ground. Chin is turned over the left shoulder and eyes are also staring out across the left shoulder. Neck is stretching upward.

Image Description: A beige fungus reaching out in all directions holding a strand of orange rectangles set against a layered blue background, surrounded by white rectangles.