by Bella Morgart

Flowers bloom and wilt like memories 

For my design, I kept it an all gray color scheme so the forget me not can stand out. I also have a hand trying to pick the forget me not like picking a memory with another hand holding it back. Forget me nots are known for coming back every summer no matter how many times they day which reminded me of the constant pushing back of the building for this memorial. 

Created in response to “The Gardens at Saint Elizabeths — A National Memorial of Recovered Dignity,” a national memorial to those who lost their lives to institutionalization in the United States. While proposed in the late aughts, this memorial has yet to be realized.

Image Description: A dark gray background with a dark rough ombre going from top to bottom, a single blue forget me not stands in the center with one  hand reaching to pluck it while being held back by the other.