A Desired, Required Path

by Hannah Mendoza

My image uses a collage of paper to depict a desired path, a path that was not originally intended to be used, but, as more people walked the same path and made their mark in the earth, it was created. I decided to collage paper of various shades and textures to offer a stark contrast between the earth and the man-made sidewalk. The earth and the pathway leading through it is made to look natural, as if it took many years to develop. The sidewalk path is made to stand out, and look unnatural.

Created in response to the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Image Description: The image is a collage of various textures and colors. A yellow path spreads across the entire image, including stairs, a thin sidewalk, and a loop. The yellow path is not a collage of paper but rather one solid color. Running across the image, in a more direct path than the yellow sidewalk, is a collage of reddish brown paper starting quite wide and then teetering off to become thinner. The entire background is a collage of greenish paper.